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  • Ben Siems, composer, conductor, cellist, guitarist

  • Megan Scott, cellist

  • Ed Cadman, cellist

  • Rosa Thompson-Vieira, cellist

  • Nora Doyle, cellist

  • Mary Alice Hutton, violinist

  • Lydia S. Lui, violinist

  • Stephen Rettner, pianist, keyboardist


Mirages Long Remembered

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“One word: GORGEOUS.” —M.W., Freelance Writer

Write Her Name on the Sky

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“A superb creation in music that will set the classics alight. … [Pieces] that will in the future be classics of our time, admired by the best and copied by the many.” —Anthony Haworth, CEO, Factory Music Publishing, UK

Rettner & Siems: Here & Then / There & Now

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"I want to write the movie that has this music as its soundtrack." —L.S., story consultant for the 2021 film The Mauritanian, starring Jodie Foster.

Rettner & Siems: Three Days in a Duplex

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“I like this music—the melodic lines, and the aleatory excursions. And the gentle way it is accomplished.” —Dr. R. Hoffman, curator, Entertaining Science Music Series, New York, NY

Empire at Twilight (Avant-garde contemporary concert music)

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“Music that goes straight to the soul, almost bypassing the ears.” —Posted listener review after national radio broadcast on release date of disc in 2007