Melodic, graceful jazz rooted in the “ECM” tradition of the likes of Gary Burton and Charles Lloyd. The instinctive interaction of founders Ben Siems and Jeremy Hauer creates an instantly recognizable sound. As internationally published jazz critic Clifford Allen puts it, “the rhythmic interplay between Siems and Hauer is at times simply astounding.”

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Ben Siems, guitarist, composer

Jeremy Hauer, drummer/percussionist

Jeremy Hauer, drummer / percussionist

Graydon Peterson / Scot Hornick / Matt Peterson / Jim Chenoweth, upright bass


Surrender to the Wind

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“The Willie August Project plays durable music that expertly straddles the line between easy groove and challenging absorption. … Siems himself is a fountain of muted melody, with a masterful grasp of the guitaristic art. His sonic approach gives even his highest, brightest notes the warmth of a candle flame. Jeremy Hauer is a sympathetic percussionist, laying back much of the time and going for texture and color over forward propulsion, while the respective bassists fill the trio’s mid-range. An off-the-beaten-path that makes one want to hear more.” —Cadence magazine

“A very impressive CD. Siems’s guitar work is sterling. Absolutely topnotch” —Mike Raymond, curator, Grand Marais Jazz Festival

“This is a delightful ride. The music glows in shimmering beauty, defined lyrically by Siems.” —

With You, In a Moment: Live at the Glacier Fringe

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“At long last, followers of this much-admired trio get to hear on recording Siems’s delicate arrangements of the works of jazz masters like Eric Dolphy and Wayne Shorter. And of course, he taps into his seemingly endless well of dreamy melodic explorations in several new compositions. A definitive statement that this group is here to stay.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

Dream Truths and Transparent Sunrise

Much coveted by devoted Willie August Project fans, these discs showcase a young Ben Siems discovering his now instantly recognizable composer’s voice, as Jeremy Hauer announces his presence as a formidable co-creator. Raw and genuine, these CDs are available only through direct order (contact the band) and at Willie August Project performances.